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Historic Tybee Post Theater to host grand opening celebration and ‘Tybee’s Got Talent’

By Linda Sickler  Original Savannah Morning News 

Soon, there will be concerts, plays, films and other programs at the historic Tybee Post Theater, which will be celebrated with a grand opening Sept. 26.

“It’s been 15 years in the making,” says executive director Melissa Turner. “It was 2001 when the Friends of the Tybee Theater originally formed.

“We wanted to raise money to restore that old theater. We’ve been working ever since to raise the cash to do it.

“Now the theater is done,” she says. “The only thing we don’t have is the digital projector, the screen, the state-of-the-art sound system and theater lighting, and all that will come in a few months.”

The 220-seat theater is in the Fort Screven Historic District at the north end of Tybee Island. Fort Screven was a military base that was active from the Spanish-American War through the end of World War II.

The red-brick Post Theater was constructed in 1930 so movies could be shown to the soldiers stationed at the fort. It was one of the first theaters in Georgia equipped to show talkies.

Some of the famous patrons who have been to the theater include Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the future president of the United States. Composer Johnny Mercer and base commander Gen. George C. Marshall also attended programs at the theater.

After World War II, the base was declared surplus and sold to the city of Savannah Beach, now Tybee Island. Much of the land and many of the buildings were auctioned to the public.

Until the mid-’60s, the Post Theater was operated as the Beach Theater. When modern theaters became popular in Savannah, the theater went dark and stood vacant for 30 years.

At one point, the building caught fire, which destroyed the wooden stage and much of the roof. In 1999, a developer applied for a demolition permit, but the Tybee Historical Society was able to purchase the building in 2001 and Friends of the Tybee Theater was formed to restore it.

In 2006, the group purchased the building from the historical society and $350,000 in SPLOST funding was used in 2008 to refurbish the walls and install a roof.

A historic preservation grant was used to install new doors and windows. The auditorium was restored, and air conditioning, seats, a stage and an upstairs office were added.

A grant was received from the Georgia Council of the Arts to recreate the marquee and box office. The final project was the installation of the brick plaza and walkway.

The remaining parts of the project will be funded through SPLOST. Bids are currently being obtained, but the theater is completely functional as is.

“We decided we wanted to finish the plaza with engraved bricks and a walkway to open the face of the theater to the public,” Turner says. “It’s ready for the public to come in. That’s why we’re having the grand opening, to thank everyone who has supported this effort for 15 long years.

“We really do think when people walk up and see all the engraved bricks and the auditorium with its great, big beautiful stage, they are going to go ‘Wow!’” she says. “We’re going to have a couple of bands on stage and the sound system sounds great; it just won’t be the permanent one.”

Live music will be provided by the trio Girlfriends and their full band, Sassy Cats and the Toms. Friends of the Tybee Theater are wasting no time in putting the theater to use.

“The following night is ‘Tybee’s Got Talent,’ the first ticketed event,” Turner says. “It was started years ago and has gone on for years and years.

“This is something that is typically Tybee that everyone remembers and loves,” she says. “I really hope that everybody who has been waiting for this theater for all these years will come out and see what we’ve all accomplished together.”

The Tybee Post Theater board of directors has been in place for 15 years, Turner says.

“Members have come and gone,” she says. “They’ve given lots of time and money and we want them to get thanks and recognition.

“We’ve got a board of 16 now who will be there on opening day. We’ll be acting as bartenders and hosts and hostesses while the volunteers take the night off and enjoy themselves.”

Friends of the Tybee Theater have put about $1.8 million into the restoration project.

“Just about $700,000 of that is from the community,” Turner says. “That’s a tremendous amount of money that’s gone into it and it’s still not done yet. We really are hoping to be able to raise $1 million to finish the theater, pay off the debt and show financial success of the theater.”

“Tybee’s Got Talent” will be co-hosted by Kim Trammell and Renee DeRossett.

“There is a $300 grand prize and a $100 second prize,” DeRossett says. “It’s a who’s who on Tybee. We’ll have dancers, singers, a puppeteer, a stand-up comedian and our beach chair brigade is doing a number.”

People have long wanted to restore the theater, DeRossett says.

“I’ve been here 25 years,” she says. “I remember poking my head in the theater with Burke Day in 1994 and saying, ‘This will be a theater again some day.’

“Jim Klutz is our hero. He stepped in and bought the mortgage and kept it from being torn down. That’s when things started happening.

“We were really fortunate,” DeRossett says. “The whole community has wanted to see this happen.”

As an actor and director with the Tybee Arts Association, DeRossett is excited about upcoming events.

“We will have everything from movies, music concerts and theatrical productions to dance concerts,” she says. “The Post Theater will offer so much more to this community in every realm of entertainment.

“Even though there is still quite a ways to go before we have all the equipment we are going to have, we are excited to have the building restored back to its former glory and beyond. We can now invite the public that has put so much into the restoration of this precious landmark in to see what they have done and offer them a glimpse of what is to come.

“It is amazing to see the work that is going into that building every day,” DeRossett says. “It was so exciting to be in that building for our first rehearsal for ‘Tybee’s Got Talent.’”


What: Grand reopening of the Tybee Post Theater

When: 6 p.m. Sept. 26

Where: Tybee Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave.

Cost: Free, but RSVP under the “buy tickets” button online

Info: www.tybeeposttheater.org

What: Tybee’s Got Talent

When: 7 p.m. Sept 27

Where: Tybee Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave.

Cost: $10

Info: www.tybeeposttheater.org

Tybee Post Theater premiere!

Tybee Post Theater premiere! 

Historic venue opens its doors after 15 years of fundraising

By Jessica Leigh Lebos See Original Here from Connect Savannah

IT’S taken a decade and a half, a couple of million dollars and whole lot of sweat equity, but the Tybee Post Theater is finally ready for the spotlight.

Well, almost.

The curtains are in place and the art deco sconces installed, but painters and carpenters were still scuttling around the lobby of the historic venue this week, taking care of some finishing touches.

But the certificate of occupancy is on the way, and the historic theater will host two grand opening events this weekend, Sept 26-27: A free champagne gathering on Saturday evening, and on Sunday night, the return of an old island mainstay, Tybee’s Got Talent.

“The closer you get to the end, the more things there are to do!” exclaims executive director Melissa Turner. “We’re really excited that people are finally going to be able to come in, sit, and see the stage.”


That there’s anything left to see at all is a feat unto itself. Built in 1930 as a movie house for the soldiers stationed at Fort Screven, the classic Greek Revival edifice passed through both civilian and city hands after WWII and closed in the face of off-season slumps. The building sat derelict for decades, left to nesting pigeons and trespassing skateboarders.

It wasn’t until a developer applied for a demolition permit in 2000 that a group of locals geared up to save it, but the Friends of the Tybee Theater couldn’t have known that it would take 15 years before anyone would eat popcorn inside again.

“To think this almost went under the wrecking ball is extraordinary,” says Keith Gay, vice president of the Friends of the Tybee Post Theater.

“For a long time, it looked like nothing was happening. Now it’s real.”

  • Rows of authentic art deco chairs reclaimed from the Trustees Theater have found new life on Tybee Island.

After years of fundraising, construction began in earnest last year with a new roof, and restoration work has been buzzing since. Longtime board members Charlene Grissom and Daniel Turberville helped oversee the project and staved off those who thought the original fluted terra cotta blocks ought to be painted over.

Rows of plush burgundy chairs, bearing a distinct art deco harp design and manufactured by the American Seating Company in the 1930s, were salvaged from the Trustees Theater remodel in 2014 and purchased through a grant from the Savannah Community Foundation’s Alan Gaynor Fund.

While a professional sound system, theatrical lighting and an era-appropriate proscenium are still in blueprint form, the roof overhead and a working HVAC system represent a tremendous bulk of the work.

“When you consider that this was a shell when the effort started, we’ve come a long, long way,” says Turner. “I mean, there was a tree growing in here.”

Much of that effort has been behind the scenes. Since 2001, the non-profit has slowly raised funds with the annual Tybee Wine Festival and Polar Plunge as well as selling engraved bricks and stars for a “walk of fame.” The new Craft Brew Battle at the Beach last spring also added to the coffers.

The City of Tybee chipped in $350K of SPLOST funding for the roof, and Georgia Council for the Arts contributed towards the reconstruction of the historic box office.

The Friends took out a $750K mortgage to cover the rest of the $1.8 million project, banking on the hope that the City of Tybee Island would eventually want to acquire a state-of-the-art cultural arts center that can provide theater, film and other entertainment for locals and visitors alike.


“I do think we should take on the note,” affirms Tybee Island council member Barry Brown. “We can finish it up with more SPLOST funds, just like we did the public safety building. The city owned this theater once and it ought to put back in the city programming.”

Brown, who is up for re-election in November, is including the procurement of the Tybee Post Theater in the bullet points of his campaign, along with the relocation of the Tybee Island Marine Science Center and shoring up the island’s storm water and sewage infrastructure.

The project is on the home stretch, and FOTPT president Jim Kluttz acknowledges that he and the rest of the board just happen to be holding the baton as the Tybee Post Theater crosses the finish line.

“There have been hundreds of people who have kept this project alive, day in, day out, for all these years,” says Klutz, running his hand along the curved wood of the stage.

“We’re all thankful so many have felt that it’s something worthy for the community to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.”

Historic Tybee Post Theater Announces Grand Reopening Celebration Saturday, September 26

Originally found on Website Submitted by: Abshire PR

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga – The historic Tybee Post Theater will hold a Grand Reopening Celebration to thank the sponsors, membership, volunteers and community members who have supported restoration efforts to the 1930s-era theater Saturday, September 26 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Hosted by the Friends of the Tybee Post Theater, the event is open and free to all who wish to attend. Enjoy complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres under an outdoor tent and live music from the Girlfriends and Sassy Cats & The Toms on the theater stage. Mayor Jason Buelterman and Tybee City Council will open the event with a ceremonial ribbon cutting to mark the occasion that has been years in the making.

“We are thrilled to host this beautiful, elegant event as a thank you to all who have supported the restoration of the theater over the years,” said Melissa Turner, Tybee Post Theater executive director. “There is still work to be done, but it is time to showcase what all has been accomplished in bringing this exciting cultural addition to the island.”

Parking is available on the streets around the theater, but walking, biking and carpooling is encouraged. A shuttle service will run from the North Beach Parking Lot to the event.

The theater will host its first ticketed event, Tybee’s Got Talent, Sunday, September 27 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. For more information, tickets and competition entry form, visit the theater’s website or emailinfo@tybeeposttheater.org. The first place winner receives $300!

Constructed in 1930, the Tybee Post Theater served as the movie house for soldiers and their families stationed at Fort Screven. The theater was one of the first in the state to show “talkies”, motion pictures with sound, and hosted important figures such as General George C. Marshall and his wife, future President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Johnny Mercer, Savannah’s famous composer.

Fundraising and restoration efforts have been underway since the acquisition of the theater by the Tybee Historical Society in 2001 and the Friends of the Tybee Post Theater in 2006.



Friends of the Tybee Theater, Inc., is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit corporation dedicated to the transformation of the Tybee Post Theater into an operating performing arts and cultural center that will be an integral part of the island community, enhance the cultural experience, encourage and attract visitors, and improve the overall quality of life. For more information about the Tybee Post Theater, visit TybeePostTheater.org.

Tybee Island, Ga
. is a quirky Southern beach town located just 20 minutes east of historic downtown Savannah. This family-friendly destination offers five miles of sandy beaches, a picture-perfect fishing pier, historic attractions, including Fort Pulaski and the Tybee Island Light Station, locally caught seafood, year round festivals and events, and a quintessential, coastal laid-back atmosphere. For more information on Tybee Island, visit www.VisitTybee.comonline or call 912.786.5444.



from Tybee Vacation Rentals – See Original Here

On Saturday September 26th, 2015 the Tybee Post Theater will finally be reopening its doors to the public! From 6pm to 8pm come and visit the Theater and marvel at all the hard work and energy that has been put into making this historical location alive again.


Ft. Screven Builds a Theater

The Tybee Post Theater was no exception to this general rule. The first Post Theater was a simple tent and showed silent films, but the second one was one of the last major buildings of Fort Screven’s 279 structures. It was built in 1930 of red brick with white wooden cornices in a modest Greek revival style. The pediment featured a lunette above three windows. Shallow wings on either side of the entrance sported arched poster windows. The front doors opened into a small entrance foyer. There was a central aisle with the usual side aisles. The floor was concrete with rubber mats for traction. Sound motion pictures or talkies began in 1929, and it has been claimed the Tybee Theater was one of the first in Georgia to have a sound system. It was standard U.S. Government theater design and is similar to theaters at Fort Benning, Georgia and Fort Hancock, New Jersey. It was almost 5,000 square feet and was capable of seating approximately 250 persons. The interior was originally “Streamline Moderne.”

During its heyday, the theater was patronized by the 500 post soldiers and their wives. Tybee’s young ladies attended as dates of the soldiers, and others might be allowed in at the discretion of the door keeper. Although this was a time before air-conditioning, the theater became the highlight of recreational activities at the fort. Perhaps the most famous patrons were George and Katherine Marshall, future President Dwight David Eisenhower and Savannah’s own native son, famed lyricist Johnny Mercer. Today the Tybee Island Museum (located in Battery Garland) has a collection of playbills shown at the Post Theater including two 1940 movies, “The Seahawk” starring Errol Flynn and “The Westerner” starring Gary Cooper with Walter Brennen. The theater showed cartoons and Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon shorts to keep its patrons coming back each week. Newsreels kept everyone up with the latest happenings around the world. Officers and their families had reserved seats on the three back rows. It was also the scene for children’s activities such as dance recitals and musical performances.

Theater Declared Surplus by US Army

On October 21, 1944, the U.S. War Department declared Fort Screven surplus, and the last use of the theater by the U.S. Army was in 1945, after only fifteen years of use. The next sixty years witnessed many owners, a devastating fire which destroyed the wooden stage area and the rear part of the roof, vandalism and a 1999 request for demolition by a developer. The theater had fallen under the curse which has visited so many theaters in the Savannah area.

In 1945, the town, then called Savannah Beach, acquired the Fort Screven property containing 138 acres and 279 buildings for a mere $200,000.00. Slowly the property was divided and sold off. In 1949, the owners of the Lucas Theater in downtown Savannah acquired the theater property and made it “modern in every particular.” $30,000.00 was spent on air-conditioning, new seats and new projection machinery. The Tybee Museum has a playbill advertising the Christmas classic “Miracle on 34th Street” starring Maureen O’Hara, and the Georgia Historical Society has a c. 1950 photograph of the Beach Theater which was currently showing “Kansas Raiders” starring Audie Murphy. The Beach Theater, as it was known, had a short run until about 1962, when it was closed. The last movie on the marquee was “Shane”.

Building Saved from Demolition

The Tybee Historical Society saved the building from demolition by purchasing the property in 2001. The same year the the Friends of Tybee Theater (FOTT) was formed as a support group. FOTT acquired title in 2006 and began planning the rebirth of the theater. SPLOST funding of $350,000 was used in 2008 to refurbish the walls, recondition the steel roof structure and install a new roof. Later that year the Friends of Tybee Theater received a $30,000 state grant (Historic Preservation license tag fees) to restore the facade. Architect Neil Dawson was retained to create a construction plan to complete the Theater.

( History, information and all images shared directly from theTybee Post Theater website and Facebook page)

Renovations and Refurbishment:

After many years and numerous hurdles, the Tybee Post Theater has been slowly restored back to its original glory. What was once a shell of yesteryear is now a warm welcoming building! The grand opening will be on September 26th from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome to visit and see all the hard work that has been done and celebrate the accomplishments and the re-opening of this historic building. There is no charge to visit the theater. The event opens up with a ribbon cutting marking the occasion by Mayor Jason Buelterman and Tybee City Council. And then complimentary champagne and hor d’oeuvres will be served under an outdoor tent with live music from Girlfriends and Sassy Cats & The Toms on the theater stage. And if you want to see the theater truly in action stop by the evening after, September 27th to see Tybee’s Got Talent! A Tybee special event to showcase our amazing locals! Tickets are only $10.

Theater Refurbishment Fun Facts:

  • The red chairs are from the Old Trustee’s Theater in Savannah and are being restored and repainted for the new theater.
  • The walk way to the entrance of the theater was created by red bricks purchased by locals and fellow Tybee lovers and personally engraved There are also a few big Hollywood stars that are engraved as well. 
  • The box office was built to mirror the original from the 1930’s. It is made from wood, marble and glass.
  • The Tybee Historical Society started the mission to rebuilt the theater and raise the funds to do so starting in 2000. 
  • In 2012 the plans to rebuild were set and they began to refurbish the walls and recondition the steel roof structure and it was all finally finished September 2015.

Friends of Tybee Post Theater push to get project completed

As the days count down to the grand opening for the Tybee Island Post Theater, there’s still a lot of work to do.

Jim Kluttz, president of the board of directors for the theater, said the main goal is to get a certificate of occupancy in time for the Sept. 26 event and complete the final touches later. To reach that point, he said, would mark a major accomplishment in a long effort by numerous citizens to reopen the theater to the public.

“Ask anybody who’s ever tried to open a building, there’s a million things to do,” he said. “People need to understand, our goal is to get it open. Once we have a certificate of occupancy, we control the space. What this space does, it’s an opportunity to have people laugh, maybe cry, be together.”

Tybee’s Post Theater has come a long way since it was built to entertain U.S. soldiers at Fort Screven in 1930. After it served its usefulness to the U.S. Army, the theater was opened to civilians, before closing — nearly permanently — in 1945. It was almost wiped from the island in 1999 when plans to demolish the property were submitted to the city.

Just as it was on the brink of destruction, a group of citizens intervened. They convinced city officials to buy the property, and in the time since, work has been under way to renovate the theater into the cornerstone of the city’s performing arts community.

Kluttz said it’s important to recognize all the efforts to revitalize the facility over the years, even as the current group of volunteers work to bring it to completion.

“We try to remember all the people who came before us,” he said. “We have been so fortunate because we had a couple of board members who said they’d … step in and do this. There’s a million little stories.”

During a presentation on the status of the renovation project to the City Council last month, Keith Gay, vice president of the board of directors, reported that after nearly 15 years of work, the project has almost reached the finish line.

There’s still some items left to buy, and the money is going faster than it comes in. But more intervention on the part of city officials could get the project wrapped up once and for all, he said.

“To do all this work and not be successful would be a crime, in my opinion,” Gay told the council. “Ultimately, the theater will belong to the city. It’s in your hands. Our hope is that you’ll recognize it’s now time for the city to step up. … We will hand you an asset (worth) $2 million.”

Board member Alfie Waite reported during the presentation last month that by the end of August, $1.8 million had been spent on the theater — most of it since it was acquired by the nonprofit Friends of the Tybee Theater in 2006.

The money, raised through a mortgage, a loan from the city, sales tax revenues and through a grass roots effort involving donations, grants, memberships and special events, has been used to replace the building’s roof, windows and doors, electrical and HVAC systems, along with renovation of the restrooms, concessions, the lobby, marquee and ticket booth.

But the theater still lacks backstage dressing rooms and restrooms, curtains, an audio/visual system and sound-absorbing wall coverings, among other items.

Another member of the board of directors, Bill Blakey, said all that remained in cash on hand was money needed to operate the facility. That’s why they were asking the city to contribute.

Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman said city officials are still working on a plan to help the nonprofit organization get the equipment it needs for a successful opening. There may be a way, Buelterman said, to buy the items and lease them to the Friends of the Tybee Theater in exchange for use of the facility.

“We’re working with our attorney and our finance director to make sure we can do this,” Buelterman said. “The problem they’re having is that it’s hard to operate a facility like that and break even, but it’s even harder if you’ve got an enormous debt to deal with.”

It may be possible, he said, for the city to buy the equipment with money from the general fund and reimburse the fund with sales tax revenues as they come in.

After all the money and support the city has invested in the theater, the mayor said, it wouldn’t make sense not to finish the work.

“The city supported it for a long time,” Buelterman said. “We devoted SPLOST dollars to the project over a decade ago to get a roof. The city stepped up even before the SPLOST to make sure it didn’t get demolished. And then the city’s been providing ongoing financial support for it. We’re showing the community supports it.”

Regardless of what equipment is in hand within the next month, the Friends of the Tybee Theater are moving ahead with plans to host a grand opening this month. City officials will be on hand to cut the ribbon, and the theater will host live music and complimentary champagne and hors d’oeurves.

The theater will host its first event, Tybee’s Got Talent, later this month.

“Basically, it’s going to come down to being an open house to see what we have wrought,” Kluttz said. “What’s driven us on this, is once you go east of Savannah, there’s no venue like this.”



For more information about the Tybee Post Theater, call 912-663-1099.


WHAT: Tybee Post Theater Grand Opening reception

WHERE: Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave.

WHEN: 6-8 p.m., Sept. 26


WHAT: Tybee’s Got Talent!

WHERE: Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave.

WHEN: 7-9 p.m., Sept. 27

Originally posted by Savannah Morning News


Tybee’s Got Talent

What better way to preview the Theater’s beautiful new stage than with Tybee’s Got Talent, a legendary local talent competition that showcases the best Tybee has to offer. Hosted by the incomparable Renee deRossett and Kim Trammell, you’ll see musicians, vocalists, dancers, and, perhaps even, the South’s finest bird caller! You will see it all! An illustrious panel of judges will pick the winners and great prizes will be awarded!

Post Theater announces Opening

We’re pleased to announce the Grand Reopening of the historic Tybee Post Theater! To herald this long-awaited event, the Friends of the Tybee Theater is hosting an elegant thank you for the members, volunteers and community that all have supported our efforts to restore and reopen this treasured landmark.

Tybee city officials will join us for a ceremonial ribbon cutting to kick off this free event. Then we’ll welcome you to a splendid evening of live music on the Theater stage from that fab trio Girlfriends and invite you to enjoy complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres under the stars! Dress for a party and be a part of this historic evening. It’s all free! This one’s for you, Tybee!

And the following night, we offer our very first ticketed event, and what else could it be, but an evening of Tybee’s Got Talent hosted by the incomparable Renee DeRossett and Kim Trammell. This one’s Sunday from 7-9 pm, costs $10. We’ll have cash bar. If you want to get up on stage and showcase your talent, call Renee at 912-596-4992, or email info@tybeeposttheater.org for an entry form. You won’t want to miss this one! CLICK HERE FOR ENTRY FORM 

Read more: conta.cc/1iixHu1 

Tybee Post Theater preparing to open

TYBEE ISLAND, GA. (WJCL) Tybee Island is getting ready for a long anticipated debut.

After years and years of fundraising efforts,  the Tybee Post Theater is slated to open next month.

The theater was dormant for more than 40 years, until it reopened for one live performance in 2010.

It’s being renovated and will serve the Tybee community as a movie theater, and performing arts center.

“The light at the end of the tunnel is not the incoming train, it is the opening of theater,” said Jim Kluttz, President-Tybee Post Theater. “And we’re really excited about it, not only for us, it’s finally here, we’re excited for Tybee, we just think this is a tremendous asset for this community.”

No exact date for the official opening has been announced, but it will be sometime in September

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Craft Brew Battle to benefit Tybee Post Theater

Georgia breweries throw down at the beach
By Jessica Leigh Lebos
original story Click Here

LOOKING for some hoppin’ action on the Georgia craft brew scene? Then grab a glass, ’cause it’s about to get sudsy.

Tybee Island hosts a carbonated contest for the ages this Friday, July 24, when 16 of the state’s favorite local and regional craft breweries compete at the first annual Craft Brew Battle at the Beach.

Local challengers Moon River Brewing, Coastal Empire Beer Co., Southbound Brewing and Service Brewing Co. face off against brew-hahas Sweetwater, Terrapin and Red Hare, and worthy competitors Yes Face, Jekyll Brewing and other homegrown picks join the fray.

Each brewery is bringing its top two contenders, giving attendees 32 brews to vote for as one takes home the winning title of Best Georgia Craft Brew. Tickets are $25 in advance, and expect to fill your collectible five-ounce glass stein with tart Hefeweizens, hoppy IPAs, coppery Ambers and golden Pilsners while reveling in the ocean breeze.

Included in the price of admission are fresh-popped popcorn, bar games, prizes in the form of gift certificates to local restaurants, and the swingin’ country-folk sounds of the Lazaretto Creek Band, fronted by down-home singer/songwriter Thomas Oliver.

Tybee Tales: Pick Georgia’s best beers at Craft Brew Battle at the Beach

by: Collin Amos  Originally posted on DoSavannah

Looking for something new to do on Tybee this summer? How about a new craft beer festival at the pier?

On July 24, Tybee Post Theater is hosting its first Craft Brew Battle at the Beach from 5-8 p.m. at the Tybee Pier & Pavilion.

The sunset event will feature about 15 Georgia breweries, each providing tastings of their top two craft beers. The breweries, including Moon River Brewing Co., Coastal Empire Beer Co., Southbound Brewing Co. and SweetWater Brewing Co., will vie for the titles of Best Georgia Craft Brew and Best Supporting Georgia Craft Brew. It is up to festival-goers to decide which of the up to 30 craft brews will be awarded titles. Everyone who attends the event will receive a ballot, so cast your vote and see which brewery comes out on top!


What: Craft Brew Battle at the Beach

When: 5-8 p.m. July 24

Where: Tybee Pier & Pavilion

Cost: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Info: www.visittybee.com or www.tybeeposttheater.com/events

While sampling the different tastes the breweries have to offer, listen to live music from Tybee’s own Lazaretto Creek Band. Also, munch on freshly popped popcorn, play games, pick up restaurant coupons and enjoy the beach as the sun goes down.

Tickets are available online now for $25; cost at the door is $30.

Proceeds will go to the restoration of the historic Tybee Post Theater, a 1930s theater used by soldiers at Fort Screven to watch movies and enjoy downtime. Plans are in motion to renovate the theater, which has been at risk for demolition, into a community center for the citizens of Tybee Island.

Make your way to Tybee on July 24 for a good cause. After all, it’s not every day you can sample more than two dozen craft beers and do something special for the community!


For all things Tybee, go to www.visittybee.com, find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @visittybee.


Upcoming Events
  1. Girls’ Night Out: “It Happened One Night”

    February 22 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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    February 23 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  3. “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Mo.”

    February 24 - February 26
  4. “Dunkirk”

    February 28 - March 1
  5. The John Denver Story

    March 3 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  6. Little Tybee/Reign of Kindo

    March 8 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  7. “The Post”

    March 9 - March 10
  8. Chloë Agnew and A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

    March 11 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  9. Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine

    March 23 - March 25
  10. Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine

    March 30 - March 31

Valued Partner of the Tybee Post Theater