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Our Top Members

We want to salute the current members at the top levels of support for the Tybee Post Theater. The show couldn’t go on without our hundreds of members at all levels of giving. But here’s a nod to the upper ranks this year. We update our list annually, so we hope you will renew your memberships each year; or even climb up in the ranks!

In the Producer’s Circle ($2,000 or more):

William & Sue Blakey

Keith & Ann Gay

Bob & Charlene Grissom

Jim & Dottie Kluttz

Alan & Kim Robertson

Steven & Anne Scheer

Matt & Beth Sullivan

Virginia Ward

Anne West

In the Director’s Chair ($1,000):

James & Linda Alexander

Max Caylor

Gary & Kathy Dennis

Jay & Linda Hellstrom

In a Star Role ($500):

George Aragon

Robert & Paula Crowe

Amy Gaster

Pamela & William Lappin

Aaron & Dayle Levy

Steve & Lori Lilienthal

Col. Pat & Mary Locklear

Bart Rowley III

Greg Stoeffler

Doug & Lamar Webb

In a Supporting Role ($250):

Louise Anderson

Scott & Elizabeth Anderson

Mary Ellen & Neil Brigham

Katherine Cook

Helen Downing

Suzanne & Robert Everette

Stephen Franklin

Tina Gann

Bernard & Beverly Goode

Howard & Patricia Hackney

Greg & Sandy Helmly

Ed & Lori Hickey

John &Carolyn Jurick

Diane Kaufman

Kevin & Susan McAteer

James & Kathy McNaughton

Michael & Marianne Pappas

John & Betsy Rabun

Bart Rowley III

William & Camille Searcy

Shirley Sessions

Sheldon & Zelda Tenenbaum

Kathleen Varadi & Kim Turner

Jim Wann & Patricia Miller Wann

Katheryn Winters



*(Please let us know if we have inadvertently left your name off the list.)