By Jim Reed/DoSavannah

On Sept. 19, the intimate Tybee Post Theater on Tybee Island continues its Girls Night Out series of classic cinematic romance stories with fabled director David (“Lawrence of Arabia”) Lean’s 1965 sweeping romantic wartime drama “Doctor Zhivago,” which is set in Russia around the time of WWI, and based on the Boris Pasternak novel of the same name.

At three hours and twenty minutes, and boasting a cast which includes Omar Sharif, Geraldine Chaplin, Rod Steiger, Julie Christie, Tom Courtenay, Sir Alec Guinness and Sir Ralph Richardson, it’s an epic tale of a Russian poet and scientist who finds himself embroiled in a love affair with the wife of a political extremist.

Filled with grandiose wartime sequences and created with great care and precision, it’s an acknowledged classic, despite a good number of critics and viewers finding the romantic aspects of the film bordering on saccharine. Yet, the movie—which won five Oscars and five Golden Globes—is almost universally regarded as being one of the most beautiful and breathtaking cinematic experiences of its time, and one that has held up remarkably well over the decades.

Most folks (myself included) have never had the opportunity to see it as its creators intended, on the silver screen. If you fall into that category as well, perhaps you should run, not walk to the beach for this rare opportunity. 7 p.m. showtime.