Team Quarantine: Quarantine Concerts series helps musicians find home in uncertain times

By Laura Pleasants/Do Savannah
Like many of you, I am sick of hearing and reading the phrase “In these are uncertain times.” But somewhere between media–bred fear tactics and reality, the truth is there.

By now, Do Savannah readers should know about the Quarantine Concert Series happening at the Tybee Island Theater and (mainly) online. We’ve been following Michael Gaster and his team of dedicated individuals throughout the past couple of months. Do Savannah contributor Laura Pleasants caught up with Gaster recently via email to get the scoop on how they operate.

Do: How many concerts have you done to date?

Gastor: “Our first performance was with Jason Bible on March 21, (and) our 29th event (was) this last Sunday, May 24, with Nathan Sheppard.” READ MORE

Do: How many more do you plan on doing?

Post Theater targeting Aug. 1 reopening

Post Theater targeting Aug. 1 reopening

The Tybee Post Theater has made the difficult decision to postpone all live music concerts and theatrical productions through the end of July. We are working to reschedule all major events currently on our summer programming calendar; advance ticket buyers will be notified by email when new dates are set. Their tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event, or they may request a refund if they can’t make the new date.

Currently, the state of Georgia does not allow concert venues to operate, and once they are cleared to reopen, there will likely be occupancy restrictions in place. And even if those are lifted, we want to be responsive to the ongoing health and safety concerns of many of our patrons and our employees. Social distancing in sold-out concerts and stage plays would be impossible, and at decreased capacity, even 50-75 percent, they would not be economically viable for the Theater.

As always, we will continue evaluating operations and will make adjustments based on any new CDC guidelines or government mandates. We remain committed to doing our part to help keep everyone – our patrons, performers and staff and volunteers – safe.

We will be back – and we will return stronger and safer than ever. This is just an intermission! In the meantime, please keep in touch with us via email and on Facebook and Twitter. Stay safe, and we hope to see you very soon!

The McCartney Years brings fun of 1970s tour to Tybee

The McCartney Years brings fun of 1970s tour to Tybee

By Steven Alford/Do Savannah

There’s a band on the run headed for Tybee Island.

The McCartney Years is a live concert performance of some of Paul McCartney’s biggest hits with his post-Beatles band Wings. The group recreates sights and sounds of the band at the height of their popularity in the 1970s during their “Wings Over America” tour.

The show comes Friday, March 6 to the Tybee Post Theater and promises to transport “Macca” fans back to a bygone area of feathered hair, bell bottom jeans and high-heeled boots.

Bandleader Yuri Pool put together the concert after years in London performing in a Beatles tribute show.

“At the time I was wondering why there are thousands of Beatles tribute bands out there but why wasn’t anyone doing a Paul McCartney group?” Pool said. Read More


“Designed Women”: Drag tribute to iconic Southern sitcom coming to Tybee Post Theater

“Designed Women”: Drag tribute to iconic Southern sitcom coming to Tybee Post Theater

By Steven Alford/Do Savannah

Four feisty Southern belles drawn from the hit TV show “Designing Women” are bringing edgy laughs and country charm to the Tybee Post Theater in the new drag parody “Designed Women.”

Kansas City’s Late Night Theatre brings their own hysterical spin on the well-loved 1980s sitcom, which runs from Jan. 31 through Feb. 9, and follows the misadventures of the Sugarbaker sisters and co-workers at their Atlanta interior design firm.

The troupe returns to Tybee Island fresh off a sold-out run of their drag parody of another iconic 1980s sitcom “Golden Girls,” a gut-busting drag tribute to its female powerhouse TV format. Read More …

Viral YouTube sensation Andy Gross brings comedy, magic to the Tybee Post

Viral YouTube sensation Andy Gross brings comedy, magic to the Tybee Post

By Steven Alford/Do Savannah

Comedian, magician, ventriloquist and all-around funny man, Andy Gross, was performing at a night club when he started receiving alerts and texts on his phone.

An iPhone video he shot with his daughter featuring the performer split in half and sneaking up on unsuspecting parkgoers was taking off on YouTube.

First, the video racked up 7,000 views, then 25,000 views, soon it was 100,000.

“My Dad called and said he was brushing his teeth and heard a familiar voice on a video playing on CNN,” Gross said from his home in Los Angeles. “I was getting so many alerts, I had to turn off my phone.”

The “Split Man” video has since been viewed nearly eight million times online, and gave a huge boost to Gross’ career, helping him book shows around the world: Dubai, Paris, Barcelona and more.

On Friday, Jan. 10, Gross brings his hilarious and mind-bending show to the Tybee Post Theater, to thrill audiences and split a few sides. Read more …

Andy Gross: Jack of all Trades

Viral video sensation brings magic and more to Tybee Post

By Jim Reed/Connect Savannah

QUICK QUESTION: what’s one of the hardest occupations you can imagine?

Not from a standpoint of physical strength or endurance –although that’s certainly a consideration– but hardest in the sense of something that’s extremely, extremely difficult to master.

And, while we’re at it, an occupation that –by its very definition– essentially demands it be done in public, in front of an attentive audience – many of whom are, quite frankly, rooting for you to fail.

Okay, you got one in your head? Good. Now imagine yourself choosing four different occupations that all fit that same basic description, and then proceeding to excel at each of them. What on earth would that feel like?

One of the few people I have ever come across that might be qualified to answer that question would be Andy Gross, who makes his public debut in our area on Friday, Jan. 10 at the historic Tybee Post Theater. Read More ….

Taking the (Polar) Plunge

Taking the (Polar) Plunge

Annual favorite event on Tybee rings in the New Year

By Rachael Flora/ConnectSavannah

EVERY YEAR on New Year’s Day, at high noon, hundreds of shivering revelers storm into the Atlantic Ocean, all in the name of charity.

The Tybee Polar Plunge has been a tradition for quite some time. The Tybee Post Theatre took over the festivities in 2012, but Executive Director Melissa Turner estimates it had gone on for a dozen years prior.

“It was started by some guys that were with the American Legion post on Tybee, and the original one was just a probably crazy drunken dare on New Year’s Day,” laughs Turner.

Over the years, the drunken dare snowballed into a major tradition, complete with commemorative T-shirts, that benefited local Tybee charities. It became such a big deal that the original organizers decided to hand the reins to the Tybee Post.

Read More

A Carpenter’s Christmas: Close To You – A Tribute to the Carpenters returns to Tybee Post Theater

A Carpenter’s Christmas: Close To You – A Tribute to the Carpenters returns to Tybee Post Theater

By Christopher Berinato/Do Savannah

“Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?”

Just try not to finish that lyric and not have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Karen Carpenter had one of the most engaging and unforgettable voices of the seventies, and with her brother Richard, produced a string of hit songs that helped establish one of the distinctive sounds of the decade.

Karen Carpenter died tragically in 1983 from a heart attack related to anorexia nervosa, but her music still captures the hearts of listeners today. Chicago’s Close To You – A Tribute to the Carpenters, led by vocalist Lisa Rock, is currently one the best ways to experience their timeless music live. The Carpenters’ were almost as well known for their multiple Christmas albums and television specials as they were for their mellow pop hits, so Close To You will be presenting a special Christmas version of their popular show when they perform at Tybee Post Theater on Friday, Dec. 13. Read More….

Tybee Post brings Netflix to the big screen with Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’

Tybee Post brings Netflix to the big screen with Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’

By Zach Dennis/DoSavannah

Notoriously secluded to its streaming service — save a few theaters in New York City and Los Angeles — Netflix will be releasing a movie in theaters as Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” will be making a debut in the Coastal Empire at the Tybee Post Theater over Thanksgiving weekend.

The film, which stars Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, has gained attention for its $100 million production budget as well as the extensive de-aging technology used on the three main actors. Based on the book by Charles Brandt, “I Heard You Paint Houses,” the film follows Frank Sheeran (played by DeNiro), who is a truck driver that becomes a hitman for mobster Russell Bufalino (Pesci) and his crime family, which includes working for Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). The movie also stars Ray Romano, Anna Paquin and Harvey Keitel.

Read More

The Tybee Post Theater brings a female-driven twin bill with Southern Songbirds and Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The Tybee Post Theater brings a female-driven twin bill with Southern Songbirds and Girls Just Want to Have Fun

We seem to forget these days that Tybee Island was once an important part of coastal military defense. Few things are left from what once was an active military base but the historic Tybee Post Theater, set in the heart of what used to be Fort Screven, still stands. It was constructed in 1930 as a movie house for the soldiers stationed at the Army base. The theater has gone through major transformations after being closed for fifty years. It resumed operation in September 2015, and it is now a performing arts and movie venue for Tybee residents and visitors.

And this weekend the ladies are running the show.


“My passion is definitely the celebration of local artists and music. I come back to Savannah each year, and this show is one of the reasons,” Jill Knight said. “One night filled with music and I promise you that this show is unforgettable.”

Knight is a native of Savannah, now living in California, her music delivers a southern texture blending Americana, blues and weaving in a little R&B. She was also voted Best Songwriter on the Central Coast of California by 2018 New Times Music Awards, a finalist at the Telluride Troubadour competition, and a finalist at the National Academy of Songwriters “Songwriter of the Year” competition. “I am incredibly honored to be sharing the stage with these phenomenal artists,” Knight added. “Carly Gibson, an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, whose solo work is an ethereal escape into R&B and blues, is currently a backing vocalist with American funk rock legends, Mother’s Finest. I think her voice is stronger than ever and I am honored to be sharing the stage with her.”

Read More…