A Carpenter’s Christmas: Close To You – A Tribute to the Carpenters returns to Tybee Post Theater

A Carpenter’s Christmas: Close To You – A Tribute to the Carpenters returns to Tybee Post Theater

By Christopher Berinato/Do Savannah

“Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?”

Just try not to finish that lyric and not have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Karen Carpenter had one of the most engaging and unforgettable voices of the seventies, and with her brother Richard, produced a string of hit songs that helped establish one of the distinctive sounds of the decade.

Karen Carpenter died tragically in 1983 from a heart attack related to anorexia nervosa, but her music still captures the hearts of listeners today. Chicago’s Close To You – A Tribute to the Carpenters, led by vocalist Lisa Rock, is currently one the best ways to experience their timeless music live. The Carpenters’ were almost as well known for their multiple Christmas albums and television specials as they were for their mellow pop hits, so Close To You will be presenting a special Christmas version of their popular show when they perform at Tybee Post Theater on Friday, Dec. 13. Read More….

Tybee Post brings Netflix to the big screen with Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’

Tybee Post brings Netflix to the big screen with Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’

By Zach Dennis/DoSavannah

Notoriously secluded to its streaming service — save a few theaters in New York City and Los Angeles — Netflix will be releasing a movie in theaters as Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” will be making a debut in the Coastal Empire at the Tybee Post Theater over Thanksgiving weekend.

The film, which stars Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci, has gained attention for its $100 million production budget as well as the extensive de-aging technology used on the three main actors. Based on the book by Charles Brandt, “I Heard You Paint Houses,” the film follows Frank Sheeran (played by DeNiro), who is a truck driver that becomes a hitman for mobster Russell Bufalino (Pesci) and his crime family, which includes working for Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). The movie also stars Ray Romano, Anna Paquin and Harvey Keitel.

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The Tybee Post Theater brings a female-driven twin bill with Southern Songbirds and Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The Tybee Post Theater brings a female-driven twin bill with Southern Songbirds and Girls Just Want to Have Fun

We seem to forget these days that Tybee Island was once an important part of coastal military defense. Few things are left from what once was an active military base but the historic Tybee Post Theater, set in the heart of what used to be Fort Screven, still stands. It was constructed in 1930 as a movie house for the soldiers stationed at the Army base. The theater has gone through major transformations after being closed for fifty years. It resumed operation in September 2015, and it is now a performing arts and movie venue for Tybee residents and visitors.

And this weekend the ladies are running the show.


“My passion is definitely the celebration of local artists and music. I come back to Savannah each year, and this show is one of the reasons,” Jill Knight said. “One night filled with music and I promise you that this show is unforgettable.”

Knight is a native of Savannah, now living in California, her music delivers a southern texture blending Americana, blues and weaving in a little R&B. She was also voted Best Songwriter on the Central Coast of California by 2018 New Times Music Awards, a finalist at the Telluride Troubadour competition, and a finalist at the National Academy of Songwriters “Songwriter of the Year” competition. “I am incredibly honored to be sharing the stage with these phenomenal artists,” Knight added. “Carly Gibson, an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, whose solo work is an ethereal escape into R&B and blues, is currently a backing vocalist with American funk rock legends, Mother’s Finest. I think her voice is stronger than ever and I am honored to be sharing the stage with her.”

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Exploring the Depths of Humanity: Tybee Arts Association Presents Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

By John Singer/DoSavannah

“Well, to put it as simply as I can. Good and evil are so close as to be chained together in the soul. Man isn’t truly one, but two,” Dr. Jekyll says in the 1941 film based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

“Now what if we could break that chain separate those two selves, to free the good in man, and let it go on to its higher destiny… to segregate the bad in man and let it destroy itself in its own degradation!”

Over the next few weekends, the Tybee Arts Association will be converting the Tybee Post Theater into a replica of mid-nineteenth century Victorian England to present a more recent adaptation of Stevenson’s famed piece of literature, Jekyll and Hyde. This particular adaptation, written in 2008 by notable playwright Jeffrey Hatcher, explores the depths and complexities of both human behavior and character. READ MORE

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, like you’ve never seen before

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, like you’ve never seen before

Tybee Post Theater stages unique re-telling of classic story

By Sean Kelly/Connect Savannah

It’s possible that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the most recognizable tale ever told around Halloween. The story, originally published as Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, revolves around Dr. Henry Jekyll and his evil alter-ego, Mr. Edward Hyde. It’s a story that has been told on stage, film, small screen, and more almost 150 years, but Tybee Post Theater guarantees a version of the classic tale like you’ve never before witnessed.

The theater is readying a production of Jeffrey Hatcher’s adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, opening on Oct. 18 and running for two weekends. Ahead of the show, we talked to director Tony-Marchetti Knarr about staging this unique telling of the spooky tale.



TRIBUTE celebrates The Allman Brothers Band at Tybee Post

TRIBUTE celebrates The Allman Brothers Band at Tybee Post

By Christopher Berinato/DoSavannah

Atlanta’s TRIBUTE are authentic sounding re-creators of the classic Allman Brothers Band live experience. The 8-piece band of seasoned musicians formed in 2013 through a mutual appreciation of The ABB and have been rocking audiences all over the region since. Duane and Gregg may not be with us anymore, but their unforgettable songs live on.

“We try to keep it authentic without keeping 100% note-for-note,” said Rod Gunther, TRIBUTE’s guitarist. “And as you can see, we are definitely not the costume-y type tribute band. We have our own look, but we try to hit all the points that really connect with people.”READ MORE

Katie Deal celebrates Patsy Cline in tribute at Tybee Post Theater

Katie Deal celebrates Patsy Cline in tribute at Tybee Post Theater

By Sean Kelly/Connecct Savannah

Singer, actress, and songwriter Katie Deal has had an amazing career with her own art—whether it be collaborating with the likes of Zac Brown Band’s John Driskell Hopkins or Sugarland’s Brandon Bush, or acting in films like Let’s Be Cops. One project that’s near and dear to her heart, however, is her tribute to the great Patsy Cline.

Deal has actually been involved in several Patsy Cline shows, having performed in two national productions of A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline and staging her own one-woman tributes. She’s bringing her latest Cline show, Crazy For Patsy Cline, to the Tybee Post Theater on Sep. 20, and it’s shaping up to be a unique and intimate portrayal of the late singer’s incredible life and work.

Tybee Songwriter Festival celebrates inaugural event with storied roster

Tybee Songwriter Festival celebrates inaugural event with storied roster

By John Singer/DpSavannah

“That’s me, the man that put everything together,” laughs Sean Squires as he answers the phone.

The organizer of the upcoming inaugural Tybee Songwriter Festival says he’s thankful just to be on schedule in the wake of the Hurricane Dorian scare. “45 musicians is a whole lot of cats to herd, but I think we’ve finally got it figured out,” said Squires.

The festival will be a four-day series featuring songwriters from all across the United States and Canada in 17 performances at four different Tybee venues. While this year marks the island’s first official Songwriter Festival, Squires says the organization is striving to make the event an annual occurrence. READ MORE

By Jim Reed/DoSavannah

On Sept. 19, the intimate Tybee Post Theater on Tybee Island continues its Girls Night Out series of classic cinematic romance stories with fabled director David (“Lawrence of Arabia”) Lean’s 1965 sweeping romantic wartime drama “Doctor Zhivago,” which is set in Russia around the time of WWI, and based on the Boris Pasternak novel of the same name.

At three hours and twenty minutes, and boasting a cast which includes Omar Sharif, Geraldine Chaplin, Rod Steiger, Julie Christie, Tom Courtenay, Sir Alec Guinness and Sir Ralph Richardson, it’s an epic tale of a Russian poet and scientist who finds himself embroiled in a love affair with the wife of a political extremist.

Filled with grandiose wartime sequences and created with great care and precision, it’s an acknowledged classic, despite a good number of critics and viewers finding the romantic aspects of the film bordering on saccharine. Yet, the movie—which won five Oscars and five Golden Globes—is almost universally regarded as being one of the most beautiful and breathtaking cinematic experiences of its time, and one that has held up remarkably well over the decades.

Most folks (myself included) have never had the opportunity to see it as its creators intended, on the silver screen. If you fall into that category as well, perhaps you should run, not walk to the beach for this rare opportunity. 7 p.m. showtime.

The Post is one of the 14 Best Wedding Venues in Tybee Island

No. 3 The Tybee Post Theater

Some of the most beautiful love stories ever told take place on the big screen or up on stage, and couples who get married at the Tybee Post Theater can join the ranks of some of those unforgettable romances by saying their vows on the stage of the theater.

This venue has seating for just over 200 guests, and the ceremony in the theater space will be an unforgettable one, whether the happy couple are cinephiles or just want to be in the spotlight.

The Tybee Post Theater also has a lovely outdoor space available for receptions, located just a block from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.