It's Time to plunge!

The Tybee Post Theater Polar Plunge is back…both brrr-tual and in-person. You can take the Plunge anywhere you want! It’s still on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) at high noon, but you pick the body of water.  From Tybee Island’s beautiful beach, to Long Island, plunge the frigid waters anywhere! 

We will not organize the mass gathering on the Pier and will not corral wristband-wearing participants at the edge of the ocean. Instead, you are encouraged to participate wherever you are, and submit your videos for a chance to win awesome prizes and awards!

Where does all of the money go? The proceeds from the Tybee Polar Plunge go toward the programming and operations of the Tybee Post Theater. This historic movie house, built-in 1930 by the Army stationed at Fort Screven, has been restored and reopened as a performing arts and movie venue for Tybee Island’s residents and visitors.



Step 1: Register

Support the Tybee Post Theater by registering. $25/adults & $15/child 12 & under. T-shirt included!

Deadline to register: Dec. 23, 2021

Step 2: Plunge

Jump into the ocean, bathtub, pool, sprinklers, bucket of ice water, and more!

January 1, 2022 at noon.

Step 3: Submit to Win!

Send in your creation for a chance to win prizes and awards!

Submit by January 5, 2022

enter to win!

Each category will award prizes such as gift certificates to Tybee Post Theater, cash, Tybee Post Theater merch, and much more! After you submit your video, an expert plunge panel will select the top video in each category. Those top videos will then be posted for the public to vote on. The video with the most votes wins the top prize! Winners will receive gift cards from Amazon and the Tybee Post Theater. 


  • Upload to Facebook or Instagram and use #tybeeplunge2022. Be sure the video is public. 
  • Upload to YouTube and send us the video link at
  • Upload to Google Drive and send us the video link at 
polar-plunge (1)

Ocean Plunge

The top five plunges, picked by an expert plunge panel, will be posted for the public to vote on.

Inflatable Plunge

Get that pool inflatable out take the plunge! The most creative inflatables will be posted for the public to vote on.

Non-Ocean Plunge

Don't have an ocean to plunge into? Grab a bucket, sprinkler, bathtub, or anything else that produces water and take the plunge.

Slow Mo Plunge

Record your slow mo plunge and submit! Be sure to have fun as you take the plunge!


Enter the ultimate photo costume contest! Grab at least three of your friends and enter to win great prizes!

• Must have at least three people to enter.
• Choose a team name and click below to register. The generous donation of $25 for adults and $15 for children 12 and under includes a t-shirt and lots of fun!
• Find the best costume and plunge!
• Submit your photo (or video) by January 5, 2022 to

• 1st Place - The winning team's name will be inscribed onto the LE GANG OF GOOFS trophy. You will be able to display it for one year at the public location of your choice on Tybee Island. $100 gift certificate to Tybee Post Theater and $50 gift certificate to Amazon.
• 2nd Place - $75 gift certificate to Tybee Post Theater and $25 gift certificate to Amazon.
• 3rd Place - $50 gift certificate to Tybee Post Theater and $10 gift certificate to Amazon.