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Charlie Chaplin programs at Tybee Post Theater remind of filmmaking’s hilarious, innovative past

Charlie Chaplin programs at Tybee Post Theater remind of filmmaking’s hilarious, innovative past

By Zach Dennis/SMN

A claim such as “bigger than The Beatles” is tough to live up to, but Charlie Chaplin certainly does, according to entertainer Dan Kamin.

Chaplin was an international sensation in the early days of the movies. Gaining his start on the vaudeville stage in London, he rose to be one of the most recognizable faces in the cinemas and earned love and acclaim along the way.

Today, much of that reverence may be lost, but cinephiles like Kamin are hoping to continue to share the joy and excitement of a silent feature with this iconic star.

Kamin specializes in presenting the love and affection for the silent stars, specifically Chaplin, to a wider audience through his shows. Two of them, “Funny Bones” and “Red Letter Days,” are headed to the Tybee Post Theater this weekend and aim to give audiences an in-depth look at the nuances of Chaplin’s performances and style while also offering an involved presentation for those attending. Read More:

Silent Film Fest with live music @Tybee Post

Silent Film Fest with live music @Tybee Post

By Jim Reed/ SMN
Sept. 16-17 finds the restored Tybee Post Theater launching its first Silent Film Fest, which will include two nights’ worth of vintage silent movies, with live musical accompaniment by acclaimed pianist, organist and historian Dennis James.

Since 1964, this American multi-instrumentalist has played “a pivotal role in the international revival of silent films presented with period-authentic live music,” and has done so across the globe, utilizing piano, theater organ, chamber ensembles and full symphony orchestras. He follows the approach used by the original silent film accompanists, meaning that he views the movie while it is being projected and plays along with the film, taking care to cue his music exactly with the action and emotion being conveyed, in real time.

This is a fascinating lost art that he and a handful of others in our modern times are striving to maintain and promote. Each night’s 8 p.m. program runs about two hours in length, with the first night including several shorts by iconic silent film comedians Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin, and the second night featuring a “fully staged early cinema program,” adding guest vocalists Jared Hall and Jane Ogle, and focusing on the full-length silent feature from 1928, “Show People.” Tickets are just $15 in advance each night, with discount passes available now at www.tybeeposttheater.org.

Honestly, folks, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. Kudos to local musician, instructor and concert promoter Ricardo Ochoa for organizing this very special and unusual cinema and music event at one of our area’s most wonderful new venues. Save those dates if you can.