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Tybee Post Theater reopens for hot new movies in March

Tybee Post Theater reopens for hot new movies in March

Your Tybee Post Theater is turning on the lights the first weekend in March to bring you the hottest films coming out of Hollywood just as the awards season kicks into high gear!
We scanned the titles that seem to be leading the pack, and picked a blockbuster lineup for the Post’s return to the movies! We’re opening with Tom Hank’s epic “News of the World,” March 5-7, and moving through the month with dramas such as “Nomadland,” The Trial of the Chicago 7,” “The Father,” and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” And we may add some surprises before the month is over.
We are limiting seating to 35 percent of capacity, so you will want to get your tickets online early. Showings will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a new film each weekend for the first three weeks. Then, in our fourth week, we’ve got two movies running from Wednesday through Sunday! None of these fine films will be sticking around long, so make your plans and mark your calendars.
As you know by now, the Post has gone above and beyond the CDC’s recommendations for new sanitation and safety protocols. In addition to installing a brand new high tech air filtration system that kills viruses, bacteria and allergens, we’ve installed multiple hand sanitizing stations and are disinfecting the Theater after every screening!
We are limiting occupancy to only about 70 seats, so you’ll have plenty of room to space out from one another. And we are requiring face masks, except when eating or drinking. We want you to feel comfortable knowing we have done all we can to provide a safe environment for your entertainment.
Now enjoy the show!
Viral YouTube sensation Andy Gross brings comedy, magic to the Tybee Post

Viral YouTube sensation Andy Gross brings comedy, magic to the Tybee Post

By Steven Alford/Do Savannah

Comedian, magician, ventriloquist and all-around funny man, Andy Gross, was performing at a night club when he started receiving alerts and texts on his phone.

An iPhone video he shot with his daughter featuring the performer split in half and sneaking up on unsuspecting parkgoers was taking off on YouTube.

First, the video racked up 7,000 views, then 25,000 views, soon it was 100,000.

“My Dad called and said he was brushing his teeth and heard a familiar voice on a video playing on CNN,” Gross said from his home in Los Angeles. “I was getting so many alerts, I had to turn off my phone.”

The “Split Man” video has since been viewed nearly eight million times online, and gave a huge boost to Gross’ career, helping him book shows around the world: Dubai, Paris, Barcelona and more.

On Friday, Jan. 10, Gross brings his hilarious and mind-bending show to the Tybee Post Theater, to thrill audiences and split a few sides. Read more …

Taking the (Polar) Plunge

Taking the (Polar) Plunge

Annual favorite event on Tybee rings in the New Year

By Rachael Flora/ConnectSavannah

EVERY YEAR on New Year’s Day, at high noon, hundreds of shivering revelers storm into the Atlantic Ocean, all in the name of charity.

The Tybee Polar Plunge has been a tradition for quite some time. The Tybee Post Theatre took over the festivities in 2012, but Executive Director Melissa Turner estimates it had gone on for a dozen years prior.

“It was started by some guys that were with the American Legion post on Tybee, and the original one was just a probably crazy drunken dare on New Year’s Day,” laughs Turner.

Over the years, the drunken dare snowballed into a major tradition, complete with commemorative T-shirts, that benefited local Tybee charities. It became such a big deal that the original organizers decided to hand the reins to the Tybee Post.

Read More

Brothers Duet: Aaron Paul Zimmer and Jay Rudd release new album with Tybee Post Theater show

Brothers Duet: Aaron Paul Zimmer and Jay Rudd release new album with Tybee Post Theater show

By Christopher Berinato/Do Savannah

Aaron Paul Zimmer and Jay Rudd having been playing together in local bluegrass band City Hotel since 2011.

The band has released two albums in that time and last year, Zimmer released his first solo album, “Saints and Heretics.”

When not playing solo or in City Hotel, Zimmer (guitar/vocals) and Rudd (mandolin) occasionally perform as a duo.

“Some time last year we did a duo show at Tybee Post opening up for Lynn Avenue… and that was our first public performance as a duo,” said Rudd. “That went over really well. We got a great crowd reaction so we thought we should probably do this again.”

A few months ago, Zimmer booked this upcoming date at Tybee Post Theater and asked Rudd if he would like to try the duo again. Rudd suggested recording a new EP to promote the show, which is a reversal of the usual stages of booking a gig.

“It all happened really quick,” explained Rudd. “We went into the studio with Jason Bible (The Train Wrecks) and got it done in maybe four or six hours in the studio. And that was it.”

The five track EP, “Vol. 1,” features four original songs, two written by Rudd and two by Zimmer, plus one cover.

“One of them is actually a cover by Aaron’s father-in-law, Ernie Palmer,” said Rudd. “It’s a song that we actually have on one of the City Hotel albums, called ‘Gainesville Mill.’ We decided to re-record that for this project.”

Zimmer and Rudd each draw upon their own strengths as songwriters for this EP. “Aaron is very much in the singer-songwriter vein,” said Rudd. “I started writing music when I was in high school. I was in a garage rock band. We literally played in a garage. I would write rock songs.”

Of course, Rudd has been writing bluegrass songs ever since with City Hotel. “I think that our styles are very different because Aaron’s stuff is more lyrical and he’s an amazing storyteller when he writes songs,” said Rudd. “I’ve always written more on the instrumental side of things.”

Although the pair enjoy performing as a full band with City Hotel, they also like the opportunities to explore their instruments as a duo. “It feels really different when you just have a guitar and a mandolin because it just changes the groove a lot,” Rudd explained. “In a bluegrass band, it’s the bass and the mandolin and guitar together that create the overall groove. Without having a bass it changes the way Aaron has to play the guitar. Also, it’s just a lot more stripped down. There is a way I wouldn’t play mandolin in a full bluegrass group… It’s a more intimate sound and it really lends itself to showing more of the dynamic beauty of those instruments you don’t get in a full band. We can really showcase the more airy side of the instruments. There is a depth to the instruments that you don’t hear when you have five instruments going at once.”

There is a long tradition of guitar and mandolin duos in bluegrass music. The format actually began in the 1930s and ’40s, prior to bluegrass. “There were tons of these, what were called, Brother Duets,” said Rudd. “Bill Monroe and his brother, Charlie, had the Monroe Brothers and that was before he started the whole Bluegrass music.”

Rudd also cites Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice’s duo as an influence. Rudd still brings his other influences outside of bluegrass into his songwriting. “I didn’t get into Bluegrass until I was in my 20s,” said Rudd. “Before that I was into My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, those kind of rock bands, so I get a lot of influence from that sort of stuff. The kind of music I gravitated towards before bluegrass is still a huge part of how I hear music.”

Zimmer and Rudd will play a varied 90-minute set and have CD copies of “Vol.1” for sale at the show. Special guests Russell Cook and the Sweet Teeth are opening up. Cook recorded with his wife as Little Country Giants, but now is exploring a two guitar and drums juke-joint trio with the Sweet Teeth along with guitarist Scotty Knight and drummer Jeremy Clark.


Mipso and Chatham County Line play Tybee Post Theater

Mipso and Chatham County Line play Tybee Post Theater

By Christopher Berinato/DoSavannah

When Mipso, a quartet from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, released their fifth studio album in 2018, it marked a subtle, yet noticeable shift in their approach to American roots music, one that values mood and atmosphere over traditional virtuosity. Read more …

Tybee Wine Festival is eleven years strong

Tybee Wine Festival is eleven years strong

By Rachael Flora/Connect Savannah

NOW IN its eleventh year, the Tybee Wine Festival is a favorite event for locals and tourists alike.

The laid-back weekend is a fundraiser for the Tybee Post Theater.

“It really is amazing that it has had such longevity,” says Melissa Turner, executive director of the Tybee Post Theater. “The same folks come year in and year out—they just love it. We have folks that plan their vacation around all three events, rent a house or a condo down here and make a long weekend out of it.” Read more …

Stand Up Science with Shane Mauss make it fun and real

Stand Up Science with Shane Mauss make it fun and real

By Kim Wade/SMN

It’s been a while, but veteran comedian Shane Mauss is returning to Savannah with his unique and popular Stand Up Science with Shane Mauss tour on March 10 at the Tybee Post Theater.

Mauss is best known for his blend of absurdist humor and storytelling and has appeared on “Conan,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Comedy Central” and Showtime. He is the creator and host of the popular podcast, “Here We Are,” where he interviews the world’s leading academic experts.

He says his podcast has helped give him street cred to other scientists when he invites them to join him on stage for his Stand Up Science shows. “When I first started this, most of them thought it was a practical joke. Now I can prove I am interested in discussing science with true academics.” Read more…

Jason Bible’s Anicca is an artistic home run

Jason Bible’s Anicca is an artistic home run

The Train Wrecks’ leader talks about his ambitious and beautiful new book and album

By Sean Kelly/ConnectSavannah

BY NOW, most everyone who’s tuned in to the local music scene has heard the name Jason Bible. As part of The Train Wrecks, Bible has woven himself into the fabric of the Savannah music community and continues to thrive over a decade later.

One thing that seemingly keeps him going is doing more ambitious projects like Anicca, the book and companion album he’s set to release on March 1. Read more ….

Doubt: You decide;  Savannah Community Theatre brings ‘parable’ of our times to Tybee Post

Doubt: You decide; Savannah Community Theatre brings ‘parable’ of our times to Tybee Post

By Ji Morekis/Connect Savannah

THE STAGING of Doubt: A Parable by Savannah Community Theatre is certainly timely, given recent headlines.

“News broke about that all that stuff that happened in Pennsylvania about a week and a half after we decided to do the show,” producer Tom Coleman says, referring to last year’s report that the predatory activities of over 300 priests had been covered up by the Catholic Church in that state.

“It was eery.”

However, the decision to produce Doubt – an ambiguous character study taking place in a Catholic school in 1960s New York City – came about for a bit more mundane reason. The play, written by John Patrick Shanley, was one that Coleman’s friend and fellow theatre maven Carl Rosengart had urged Coleman to do. So they agreed to team up together as director and producer to add it to Savannah Community Theatre’s season at Tybee Post Theater. Read More:

Coastal Cohorts expand three-decade legacy of ‘King Mackerel & the Blues Are Running’

Coastal Cohorts expand three-decade legacy of ‘King Mackerel & the Blues Are Running’

Acclaimed trio of musicians brings their long-running musical to the Tybee Post Theater

By Sean Kelly/ConnectSavannah

THE MEMBERS of the Coastal Cohorts have achieved significant success individually, but together they’ve accomplished a truly impressive feat – keeping a musical running for over 30 years. King Mackerel & the Blues Are Running is a unique show that is comprised of just three cast members and has been staged up and down the East Coast since the mid-1980s.

The trio, who has previously performed the show twice on Tybee Island, is bringing their beloved musical to the Tybee Post Theatre on Jan. 26 and 27 with proceeds going to the theatre as well as The Dolphin Project.

Jim Wann, a successful Broadway writer and composer known for his hit show Pump Boys and Dinettes, originally teamed up with Red Clay Ramblers pianist Bland Simpson and producer Don Dixon to create an environmentally-conscious show about southern coastal life. Read More…