William Florian brings a folk revival to Tybee

By Molly Hayden/SMN

Singer/songwriter William Florian is the perfect combination of musician and storyteller, blending a reminiscent sound with humor and tales of his own musical explorations.

His origin story began at the ripe age of 22, when he barged in on the famed band The New Christy Minstrels and asked to join. He would, eventually, but his road to fame is as much a lyrical journey as the folk songs he plays.

And this type of wandering is exactly how Florian will entertain during “Those Were the Days,” an evening of music and stories March 31 at the Tybee Post Theater.

During the upbeat show, Florian will share America’s greatest songs of the ’60s, peppered with his own musings. It’ll prove to be a memorable night with the music of Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver, Pete Seeger, The Mamas & The Papas, and uplifting originals presented with amusing stories in an intimate performance.

“There is a lot of power behind the meanings of these songs,” said Florian. “They continue to be relevant today, but they also bring you back to a specific time in your life. They bring up feelings and memories that make you smile.”

The New Christy Minstrels reached the top 40 folk hits numerous times with songs including “This Land Is Your Land,” “Green, Green,” “Today” and “Ramblin’.” All which will have you walking down memory lane with Florian at the helm.

“They bring me back as well,” said Florian. “The song ‘Today’ is a personal favorite and one that was a big hit for The New Christy Minstrels. I’ve sung it a 1,000 times, but it continues to feel brand-new. It allows me to live in the moment and realize how great life is no matter how old we are. That is always the hope for my audience as well.”

Florian is there to provide entertainment, but he’s also grateful for the shared experience.

The show itself is a nod to a pivotal decade in the American folk music revival. It’s an education that remains both timeless and poignant.


What: “Those Were the Days” with William Florian

When: 7 p.m. March 31

Where: Tybee Post Theater, 10 Van Horne Ave, Tybee Island

Cost: $20 adults; $25 premium seats; $10 children 12 and younger

Info: tybeeposttheater.org