Wine, hankies and “Love Story”!

Girls Night Out at the Movies, “Love Story”
The tearjerker that launched a salty sea of tearjerkers for an entire generation. And you know who you are, dears! Embrace the tears!
And join us for this second installment in this monthly movie series for Tybee’s gals (and guys with a heart). This month’s feature film is the tearjerker of the ’70s generation. “Love Story,” starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw.

In director Arthur Hiller’s hit film — based on Erich Segal’s novella — O’Neal plays Oliver Barrett IV, a comfortably off Harvard pre-law student who falls in love with Radcliffe music student Jenny Cavilleri (MacGraw), a freewheeling, delightfully profane product of a blue-collar Italian-American family. Oliver’s father (Ray Milland) heartily disapproves of the subsequent marriage and cuts off his son’s allowance. Despite financial travails, the couple is blissfully happy….until Jenny is diagnosed as having an unnamed disease that consigns her to an early death. The movie’s tagline “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” became an iconic American catchphrase, the film’s theme a number one hit.

Saturday, May 28, 7 pm. Tickets, $10, Theater members, $9. (Complimentary glass of wine and pack of hankies with your ticket!)